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I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008. At first, the doctors weren’t sure whether it was type 1 or 2. Eventually, I was diagnosed with  Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults or LADA for short.

I started yoga when I was 17 in high school and by the age of 19 I was hooked. When I started Yoga it was to help my dance career but eventually, as my practice progressed I became passionate about the deeper aspects of yoga and its ability to heal and inspire. 34 years later I still practice passionately and have been teaching nationally ( in Australia) and internationally since 1992. I am also a mother, an award winning musician, a writer and amateur film maker.

I have started this newsletter and blog to share with the Diabetes online community how yoga has helped me to manage my diabetes. My articles on Yoga and Diabetes have been featured in Elephant JournalMind Body Green  Diabetes SistersA Sweet Life, Insulin Nation, Beyond Type 1, Low Carb Mag, Australian Yoga Life,  Diabetes Daily, Integral Yoga Magazine and DoYouYoga and in the #1 Bestseller, Unleash your Inner Diabetes Dominator. I’ve been featured in an article in the Huffington Post by Riva Greenberg  What the “Forgotten Patient” teaches us and featured on the morning show on KTLA and WBAL and NBN in Australia

My blog is also listed as one of the best blogs of the year by healthline for 2020,  and I was featured by Healthline as one of 8 social media stars making an impact in the world of diabetes and fitness.

My Blog was featured as one of the best blogs in January 2016 by Diabetesmine , featured in Low Carb Magazine as one of the best blogs in their April 2017 issue and also listed as one of the top 51 blogs in Hard Boiled Body for 2017 and one of the top 100 diabetes blogs and magazine every diabetic must follow and one of the Top 30 Type 1 Diabetes Blogs to Follow in 2017 by Home Remedies for Life

My book on Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda was named finalist in Forward Reviews Book of the Year for 2017. You can order ihere.

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